i-bridge creates lavish designs that Encapsulate the essence of luxury living.
A visual composition of modern sophistication, this abode exudes an air of importance and grace that is beguiling to the senses. Adorned with design details that are rich and invigorating, the aesthetical language of luxury that is displayed in this space does not become too ostentatious for one’s liking.

Dressed in the interplay of white and brown, the space takes on an easy palette that allows the designer, Matty Tan, to play with details. In the living room, the designer steers away from the linearity of straight lines to embody the use of curves in the overall design. Here, the uniform use of circular shapes throughout lends to the uninterrupted flow of space. With few, yet some meaningful pieces in the living room, an elegant sofa then becomes one of the signature pieces that leads character to the space.

In the adjacent space, the dining area commands visual interest with design that is customised to imbue comfort and style. To offset the weight of the plush textures in upholstery, the designer decides to line the dining table with stool to create a more casual touch. Complete with embellished chandeliers that add to the extravagant mien of the space, the dining area claims a look that necessarily draws one’s attention to the finer details


An equal picture of appeal, the master bedroom is designed to engage one’s eye for beauty. Here, a dramatic arrangement of geometry and lights becomes the focal attraction. As with the rest of this abode, the design of the master bedroom is accentuated with rich lightings that never fail to lift the profile of the space.