I-Bridge showcase understanding for a higher living with unfussy yet tasteful designs that spell style.


The designer’s vision for higher living is well conveyed in this home. In the home, the use of white lends to a quality of purity. Coupled with embodying sleek furnishing, this home exudes a beauty that is no less charming. Here, the use of mirrors gives this space a beautiful glow, this home melds the qualities of comfort and style.

From each angle, it is apparent that the designer has given many precious ideas to the layout and overall concept of this living space. So much so that, left no corner of this home has been overlooked in the designer’s hopes to portray an easy elegance and style. Here, complete with a modish dining table that adds a semi-transparent quality to the space, together with a set of stylist chairs, the dining area perpetuates a class and style that is inherent elsewhere. What is most worthy of mention is a large panel of mirror not only accentuates the height of the room, but also lends to the optical illusion of a wider space.
Elsewhere, the resting area is dressed not only to be functional but also aesthetically engaging. Here, stylist cane chairs is paired with streamlined details that spell a contemporary charm.