Ideal Home

i-Bridge indulge in the play of colours to create a premise that is beguiling and sensual.


Using colours to beautify a home is one aesthetical endeavour that requires an eye and understanding on how colours interact with one another in a space. In this home, the designer reveals his insight towards the synchronization of varied colours as displayed in a living space that seeks inherent values in a diverse colour palette.

A picture of exquisite beauty, the living area, predominantly clad in a layer of white and a gradation of brown is accented with traces of red to imbue a feminine touch in the space. Here the use of upholstered fabrics dresses in an arresting colour like crimson red ,is a striking yet effortless way for the designer to introduce some interest and variance into an otherwise predictable space.

An important element in any space, lightings when used correctly, not only creates the desired ambience in a space but also plays a role in beautifying it. In this house, the designer succeeds in integrating a spectrum of lightings into the integral design of each living space to create a look that is distinct and engaging.


In the dining area, the designer’s use of colours is once again demonstrated. From the use of celadon green on the dining chairs and a mix of red, orange and pink on the overhead lamp, the designer somehow manages to bring together colours in a fashion that is harmonious and invigorating.

A versatile colour that lends itself beautifully into the living space. red, as with the other communal areas in this house, is similarly a dominant colour in the kitchen. Here, the use of red draws the separation between the customized cabinets in the space, creating a look that is distinct and strikingly modern.

To induce an environment  for deeper rest and relaxation , the master bedroom takes on a colour palette that is more subdued. Doused in a darker shade of grey, the room provides a sense of calms that draws one deeper into recess of the space. Just to lift the monotony off an otherwise sedated palette. The designer distracts one’s visual senses with a composition of blue lightings against the wall.