Interior Design HDB in Singapore

People today wish to have a flat to make one feel comfortable and express their own individuality. But when it comes to an HDB flat it becomes a bit challenging, since in HDB flats you and your neighbours share the same building and flooring plan. But if you are planning to interior design hdb, there are some simple tips which can help you to create a personalized and excitingspace for living. For the small flats light neutral, pale pastels, whites and earth tones, are listed as the best colourssince light colours uphold an open, roomy feel. Avoid dark colourssince it makes the room feel full and depressing.

When we talk about interior designing of HDB flat, the key secret to avoid the feeling of depression and congested is mirrors. Mirrors lights up a room and up to a certain degree magnify it as well.If you look at the portfolio of interior designers and the design companies, you will find mirrors everywhere.It is highly advised to keep the floor clean as it builds a feeling of spaciousness all throughthe flat. It means avoiding the overuse of built-in shelving orthe area rugs.