Key To Your Home

Soft fabrics and a muted colour theme complement mirrored and reflective surface in a home that’s comfortably understated.



When the newlywed homeowner of this four-bedroom condo apartment engaged I-Bridge Design, they had just one main request in mind- create a cosy home where they could proudly display their treasured tea-set collections and floral bouquets. Drawing design influences from japan, clever space- maximising solutions were utilised, giving this home a sleek, modern look that exceeds the owners’ needs and wants.

The design language is war, inviting and boasts clean, white lines – a central theme that begins right from the main entrance to the home. Since the apartment is actually accessed through a private lift, the designers were able to create hidden storage complete with unique shelving for shoes. This slanted shoe rack allows footwear to be stored easily and gives the homeowners easy access, when they need it most in the living room, I-bridge created an integrated storage solution that is certainly more than meets the eye. One wall is fashioned in ceiling-to-floor bookcases to store the homeowners a precious paperback and hard covers. Sliding frosted-glass doors allow the books to be easily concealed while revealing yet another clever design element. Modernistic cube shelving with built-in spotlights was installed on either side of the compact bookshelf, allowing the homeowners to show case floral arrangement and personal photos.

A cream leather sofa was added here while floral printed cushions and a matching foot stool add a feminine touch to the space, while keeping the colour scheme muted.


Continuing this natural colour theme into the dining are, alternating strips of mirror and brick cladding create a textured feature wall that commands respect. A simple dining set resides here, in close proximity to the bar counter and the kitchen, making mealtime convenient for the couple. The mirrored panels help to add an element of space and create an interesting interplay on textures between the jagged brick and the smooth reflective surface.

Moving into the master bedroom, warm, parquet flooring distinguishes this space from the rest of the home while balancing out against the otherwise glossy, white cabinetry. Cove and back lightings are utilised in the master suite, creating interest and adding an element of tranquillity to the space. Reflective surfaces and mirrored panels also help to create an added illusion of space while distributing the light flow more evenly.

In less than two months, the designers managed to create a comfortable, homely space for the homeowners, who were open to all ideas and concepts presented by I-Bridge. The biggest challenge was for the designers to interpret and adapt their ideas to best suit the couple’s lifestyle. The result of this harmonious partnership between client and designer is an innovative, modern home where comfort is top priority.

With over 10 years of experience in the interior design industry, the team of eight highly passionate designers at I-Bridge design are ready and poised to handle all your interior design needs. Dedicated to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction, I-Bridge Design pays special attention to even the most minute details and the quality of materials used. From planning to implementation and right to the final product, you can rest assured that your home will be taken care of in the best possible way. Specialising in modern designs that are simple and clean yet stand out from the crowd, your dream home is just a step away.