Designing Personal Spaces



Young homeowners of landed properties, especially those moving into their first homes, are often dynamic and successful people used to a fast-paced lifestyle. It is only natural to that they would want to make their homes to take on an urbanite’s contemporary vibe.

I-Bridge design, an interior design firm with an established portfolio in commercial and residential properties has actively designed for this demographic in the past decade, creating and personalizing residential spaces to meet their client’s sophisticated needs.

Mr Alwin Ho, Managing Director of I-Bridge design, observes that young Singaporeans have the willingness to experiment with bolder colours, lighting and fixtures; and prefer roominess in their living spaces, with ample nooks and corners to relax in. He also has frequent requests to create areas for entertaining family and friends.


Principal designer, Ms Emun Yen, finds young homeowners to be sophisticated and well-informed. “They appreciate uniqueness in a design concept and are knowledgeable about certain design trends,” she says.

They are also quite particular about the inclusion of creative spaces, she adds. Some spaces have to be open features while others need to be cleverly hidden.

Having the owner’s ideas spelt out allows for the creation of a good design concept, although that alone doesn’t ensure outstanding results.

The designers have to pull together the different thoughts so that the final concept reflects the client’s personality.



“We have a team of experienced and creative interior designers and space planners who are always keen to take up such challenges; they build rapport with a client by listening to his or her wishes, and then run with various ideas to create that dream home within the specified budget,” explains Mr Ho.

“If we can make a space not only look stylish, but also design it for multi purposes – that would be something a younger client would approve of. These homeowners don’t buy into a concept based on just style and substance, they take delight in smart design too.”

There is also the matter of material choices and colour selection, which can make the overall look pop or flop. While the best available are always considered, the most appropriate within the budget are proposed.

Choice selections of lighting, furniture and fittings are then incorporated through a modern home decorating approach. Customized furnishings are important here, as tailored items reflect the owner’s personality best. Attention to and skillful execution of details will tighten the overall aesthetics, making for a great finish.



Some homeowners are conscious of future needs, like pre-empting for aged parents, children and even pets, so the creative staff at I-Bridge will have to bear that in mind.

Considerations like constructing a room with plaster board, for example, will make it easier for expansion in future. Non-fix carpentry works, custom-designed and fabricated, will facilitate mobility.

Material options are also more specific, with particularly long-lasting and durable choices for use.

Because every household and every dream home is unique, no two homes should be made identical, says Mr Elton Ng, Managing Director of the firm. “We discuss, we design, and we work together, with the client to create that ideal dream home.”

“Our philosophy is to differentiate ourselves by developing portfolio of inspiring designs that combine formal skills and knowledge. By merging past experiences with forward-thinking concepts, our clients receive the most desired and professional outcomes.”


Ideas For Really Cool Spaces

Private corner

A lounge corner is ideal for relaxing and chilling.

Cosy bedroom

Warm, comfortable and calming, it can also contain a personal nook.

Spacious walk-in closet

To keep and display clothes, shoes and accessories

Entertainment room

The quintessential gathering space for family and friends


Gym room & swimming pool

Personalized area dedicated to fitness