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Even though you can’t make an apartment physically bigger, you can use a few visual tricks to make it appear more spacious than it actually is. When the owners of this three bedroom condominium at West Coast Park requested a simple and spacious design for their home, it was i-bridge designer Alwin Ho’s job to make beauty look effortless. In order to keep the home bright and airy, a white palette was chosen for the living room. Since applying a single colour to an entire space could make it look dull, different surfaces and textures were used to create variation. For instance, the walls of the living room were lined with white-motif wallpaper, and the wall-to-ceiling feature where the TV sits is constructed with white laminate. Built into this feature are cove lights, which are great for visually separating a room without using wall.

The master bedroom uses these same cove lights for the bottom of its TV console. Instead of applying it for a separation effect, it makes the console look like it is floating. To give the homeowners some privacy, Alwin positioned the console by the window. Timber strips were then constructed to cover the rest of the glass panel, while still allowing natural light to permeate into the room. As this was a bedroom, the homeowners wanted their room look cosier than the living room. For this to happen, Alwin chose heavier curtains for a soft and warm feel. The custom-built storage bench was also lined with cushions to create a snug environment for homeowners to rest and relax.



The discreet storage bench isn’t the only space- saving technique that Alwin has employed. The teenager’s room has a foldable table which can be easily pulled into place whenever necessary. For a clutter-free desk, a hollow glass panel was built over it to store display items, and instead of using a lamp, the shelf above is fixed with lighting and keeps the desk clean and free from unsightly wires.