Artsy vibe

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Many interior designers would agree that the homeowners themselves court amongst the best sources of inspiration. In this case, because the young owners knew what they wanted, it also turned out to be a collaborative process. It was one that, as a designer, Joanne Charlotte Lee from I-Bridge Design found to be fulfilling from start to finish.

A palette of white, black and wood underscores the space to give longevity to the interior design. However, Joanne also wanted to reflect the lively personalities of the homeowners, one as a professional trainer and other a teacher. Here, colourful accessories and art fill the interior while textures and pattern abound.

To create the brick wall effect, Joanne proposed fibreboard instead of brick veneers. “Fibreboard is very easy to clean and maintain. Plus, it’s also simple to install,” Joanne explains. With matte grey tiles, track lighting and a blown-up portrait of a happy the happy couple, the living area is a cozy space whether for chilling out or entertaining. Because the main entrance opens up in full view of the living area tall booth seating and patterned grilles provide some privacy. Still, the slim lines of the grilles do not hamper the light, airy feel.

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Other ideas that Joanne proposed to give the four-room HDB flat a personal touch were also given the green light, a testament to her sensitivity towards the couples’ likings. For example, instead of the now-ubiquitous white kitchen, upper cabinets here are clad with laminates mimicking stainless steel finish and lower cabinets’ rock-like textures. Hanging potted plants provide simply yet pretty decorative touches to a practical space like the service balcony.

Further into the home, one bedroom has been turned into study, a colourful space where they could go for inspiration and relaxation. The customized table and overhead storage cabinets feature rounded corners, a design detail that reveals the designer’s foresight. The room may be a study currently, but it can be adapted for little ones to use comfortably in the future. For now, a lively yellow sofa provides a comfy spot for reading.

For the bedroom, however, the owners wanted a restful ambience and they requested for darker colours. While they had considered wall covering for the feature wall, they decided on painting it instead. The hue is a lovely warm grey, which gives off an even cozier feel when the cove lighting is switched on at night. Next to this space is the walk-in-wardrobe. Spacious, organized and stylish, it is every bit the dream space for the fashion-forward couple.

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With stylish sanctuaries in mind, Joanne infused the bathrooms with a generous dose of style. In each, textured tiles, matched with other contrasting finishes, put together bath suites fit for a swanky boutique hotel room.Speaking of the design and renovation process, which took eight weeks to complete, Joanne says with satisfaction, “It was very interesting and engaging. The owner really participated at each stage, so the final look now is exactly what they initially wanted.”