Your Dream Home

I-bridge Design helps transform your vision of a perfect home or office into reality.


Dreaming of a home designed in an English cottage-style or like a Balinese resort? Or maybe an eco-theme that captures your commitment to doing your part for the environment, or a retro-chic theme to showcase your collection of vinyls and early Singapore memorabilia? You have your vision clear but don’t know where to begin. An interior design professional like I-Bridge could be the answer.

Besides working with you to select the most appropriate fittings and furnishings, their trained eyes can also handle practical problems like awkward corners and unsightly pillars. I-Bridge, after all, specializes in transforming empty rooms into vibrant spaces to live and work.

The process begins by getting to understand the client’s needs and desires, their personal aesthetic preferences. I-Bridge Design believes that the first meeting with the client is the most important. But before that takes place, the client needs to communicate their design preferences, specific requirements and budget – all this goes into a form provided by I-bridge’s work, as presented in the company’s showflat.

Here’s also where the client gets to see examples of I-Bridge’s workmanship and design ideas, and this goes a long way toward helping them visualize their own final result. By the time, the I-bridge team meets the client for the second time, the client is presented with a layout proposal and a draft quotation.

Clients also have the option of getting 3D artist impressions created before making up their minds on whether to engage the company for the project.

I-bridge Design has worked on HDB, condominium, landed and commercial projects of all sizes and budgets. Among its residential projects is a home at Jalan Mutiara Latitude Condominium, where its designers created a music-themed room for the musician son of a Taiwanese client. At Theresa Villa condominium, they converted a bedroom into a gallery to house the family’s collection of figurines and ornaments. Another project was a landed property at Mimosa drive which was decorated in an elegant style suitable for entertaining the owner’s clients.

Some of the commercial projects it has worked on include a candy shop, a shop selling skincare products, a restaurant and a fashion boutique.

I-Bridge design’s exquisite eye for detail combined with its ability to understand its client’s vision and needs set it apart from other interior design firms. In tune with the latest trends and working with well-reputed renovation contractors, I-bridge can make your dream home a reality.

Your house is your castle, your private sanctuary. A professional can help turn it into a home you will be proud of and want to spend time in. And when it comes to retail spaces, a welcoming interior goes a long way towards attracting customers, and the right interior designer will ensure that it is inviting and stands out from its competitors.

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5 questions to ask your ID

  1. Warranty – what is the warranty period given for the design and renovation of the property?
  2. Overall renovation cost – how much would the total renovation of the house or commercial space cost?
  3. Renovation timeline – how long will it take to complete the renovation and a breakdown of the different phases of renovation.
  4. Materials and cost – what kind of materials will be used, are they available locally or will they have to be shipped in, and how much will they cost?
  5. Best offer/discount – what is the company’s best price, the different packages available and how much of a discount can they offer