Stunning Simplicity

Living DiningTV Console

Tied together by a monochrome colour palette. This 4-room condominium unit oozes contemporary charm with the use of sleek of linear lines.

With their preference fixated only on modern interiors, the family of four in this 4-room apartment approached the designers from I-Bridge for something close to that. Their interior designer, Ethan Tan, went for the minimalist approach that emulates modern trends with a cohesive monochrome colour palette.

Linear lines dominate the home. The focal pointis undoubtedly the distinctive open shelving, carved from solid plywood with a laminate finish. Personal ornaments line the shelves with a personal touch of character. In the living room, the warm white walls act as a perfect backdrop for the black stucco feature wall, achieving a new depth of style with the textured contrast and yellow recessed light that fills up the ceiling. A luxurious chandelier adorns the elegant display of dining area, with a large mirror on the wall to enhance the spaciousness. The living room is not just confined to four walls. Follow the stretch of shelves and a lovely reading space is carved out at the corner of the room.

Boy Master Bedroom GirlCozy AreaDiningFoyerShoes Cabinet

Upon entering the master bedroom, be greeted by accents of warm beige and mid-tone greys. The raised platforms, existing bay windows and lavish furnishings exude just the right amount of sophistication and class for homeowners.

Adhering to a minimalist colour palette didn’t restrict the designer from using bright tones. While staying true to the monochromatic roots, the children bedrooms are clad in pastel colours that reflect their individual personalities. Consistent with the living room, the signature shelves make an appearance once again in their bedrooms.