Black Splendour


Pile on the visual drama with bold textures and monochromatic furnishings.


While we’re all getting comfortable with the vast expanse of black and white in a modern interior, designer Jared Chan from I-Bridge Design decided to take a different turn by breaking the monochromatic display with a mix of versatile finishes. The result is this modern contemporary four-room HDB flat unit for the homeowners to spend the rest of their wedding bliss in.

The unique partition is easily the showstopper as one enters through the door. It doubles as a bench to complement the dining table. Heading in, minimal touches of bright furniture offset the dominating palette. The black stucco feature wall, which comes into contact with the dropped ceiling, has a metallic sheen that gives the living room a distinctive appearance. On the opposing wall, its painted finishing creates a modern backdrop that lends contrasting textural depth.

iB-073(H)iB-097-Close(H) iB-097-Open(H)

In the corridor leading to the bedrooms, walls covered in laminate embossed wallpaper conceal the bomb shelter and adds some texture. The integration of textured elements continues in the master bedroom, which is evident on the work desk and television feature wall. One of the home’s notable features is the adjustable TV screen, so the occupants can raise and lower the display according to their desires. A raised platform bed flows into the adjacent wardrobe, enhancing the timeless aesthetics.

iB-104(H) iB-132(H)

For the kitchen, glass mosaic backsplash and wood veneer cabinets play up the visual interest. Jared maximized the narrow floor plan by having compact storage space at one side and a kitchen bar on the other side. The bar serves as a cosy corner for the couple to indulge in small meals, while the dining area outside is a welcoming spot when their parents visit.