Project : Serangoon North Ave 1

My friend who had previously renovated her house with I-Bridge recommended them to me, and she told me that their service and workmanship are good. I went down to their showroom and talked to Alvin a few times. I gave Alvin some of my requirements and he would proceed to propose something for me which would suit my home. One of my main requirements was to be able to move in before Chinese New Year and I’m happy that they managed to do so and finish everything on time. Alvin is also very responsible where I could just ask him anything and he will clear my doubts and queries. Overall, there’s no complaints and I’m satisfied with their service.

Ms Yen

Project : Sumang Walk

My relative who has previously renovated her place with I-Bridge suggested me to meet up with them for a consultation since she found their service and workmanship good. Alvin was the person whom we have spoken to during the meeting, and we were impressed by how knowledgeable he is and we liked the way he shared his point of views with us. Following our discussion with Alvin, we were introduced to Lydia who was another interior designer responsible for our project as well. Being first time homeowners, we were generally anxious about most of the things so it was great to have Lydia being so responsive whenever we needed her input and other help. Along the renovation, we made some changes to our plan but Alvin was always quick to give us alternatives. Our renovation is still ongoing now and so far, the whole journey has been pretty smooth sailing.


Project : Tong Watt Rd

We chanced upon some of I-Bridge’s designs in a magazine so we went to talk to them. Emun was the interior designer who renovated our place for us, and he has been responsive throughout the process. The best thing about I-Bridge is that they were fantastic at coordinating the renovation works and it was impressive how quickly the whole thing went with them.


Project : Montreal Link

I-Bridge has done an excellent job for my home renovation! In fact, after they have completed my renovation, I have recommended them to my daughter and friends as well. Alvin did an amazing job coordinating the renovation and despite me rushing them to complete the job, they were able to handover the place a week before the deadline. Alvin would suggest designs and colours that would suit my home and what I really like is that, at the end of it, he would still leave the final decision to me rather than forcing me to accept what he has proposed to me. There wasn’t any problem with him at all during the renovation except for a minor issue that I had with the plumber. Nevertheless, after I raised the issue to Alvin, he recommended me another plumber, which is an effort that I really appreciate from Alvin. I like how he would look into his client’s feedback and work out ways to keep us satisfied.


Project : Toh Guan Rd

I went to an expo to look for interior designers and when I was there, I spoke to I-Bridge. Other than them, I also spoke to a few other companies but I selected I-Bridge because I’m happy with what they can offer me, and Danny, the interior designer, is very friendly. They were good in pretty much all aspects, including their service and designs. The renovation was also completed on time so I’m glad I had I-Bridge to help me with my renovation.

Wen Yue

Project : Tampines Street 72

I got to know I-Bridge when I was i a relative and I liked how cozy the house was. In fact, I met 10 IDs in total before selecting them as they were the only one who gave professional and practical advices. The designs proposed take into consideration on maintenance and home care more than aesthetic which is fantastic! I was in construction industry previously and I-Bridge definitely passed my strict criteria. Shortly after I started renovation, my mom also engaged I-Bridge, this really showed how much we trusted them. For my mom’s place, she changed her mind about certain design at the last hour and they did it without hesitation. I appreciate how they go all out to make our renovation journey a smooth one. All in all, I give them 4.5 stars, afterall we need to give some room for improvement.


Project : D’Leedon Height

My wife and I had a much better experience with I-Bridge compared to the first time we engaged another interior designer to renovate our first home. For our first renovation, it was horrible but with I-Bridge, it was a totally opposite experience. The entire process with I-Bridge has been very pleasant, from the initial few meetings, up to the delivery of it. Despite not being a huge company, it was impressive how they had all the materials and past customer profiles and projects ready for us to have a look at during the first time we went down to meet up with them. Emun was the designer whom we’ve liaised with and she is very professional, knowledgeable and could come up with ideas very promptly after we told her some of our requirements. It was great how there were 3 person who worked on our project because each of them is specialized in their own aspects. There was a designer who was in charge of understanding our needs and coming up with the drawings, one project manager who liaised with all the contractors, and another project director who made sure that everything is on track. For any issues that arised during or after the renovation, I Bridge will not shake off their responsibilities and they will come to fix the issue, no matter how small or big they were. It was great working with them and I will definitely recommend I Bridge to others!


Project : Everitt Road

I spoke to a few interior design companies but I did not really like what they could come up with, and I’m glad I got to know about I-Bridge through a referral eventually. It was their workmanship and designs that really drawn me to them. Jo is very good, professional and friendly. I just had to tell her the things that I would like to have for my pet shop and she could come up with the designs that were up to my liking. When I told her my budget, she would accommodate to it without skimping on the designs. Their service is excellent too! Jo has been very hands-on throughout the renovation and even after the works were completed, she will send her people to come take a look whenever there was something to be fixed. She did a great job coordinating the works with everyone and she will ensure things are done correctly. Even though it was near peak season during Christmas, it was amazing how they managed to complete the renovation within a month, which was earlier than expected.


Project : Fajar Road

We started off our search for an interior designer with some ideas in mind. My wife and I proposed our ideas to a few designers that we spoke to and we liked how professional Jojo was in presenting the whole concept to us. They were not the cheapest but we picked them based on their good ideas and concepts. The renovation went smoothly and we also created a Whatsapp chat group where Jojo would update us with what were done and added to our home. Even after the renovation was completed, they will always come back to touch-up when some minor issues cropped up. We needed another hole for our TV console and Jojo was prompt to send her people to drill another hole for us almost immediately.

Ming Hui

Project : Miltonia Residences

My home renovation was a pretty small project as my place only has 2 bedrooms. When I was discussing ideas with Jojo, I told her how I didn’t want too many furnitures at home and she gave me a splendid idea of using beanbags and building a platform instead. The initial plan changed a couple of times throughout but Jojo was accommodative to the changes and could draw everything out for me to visualize again. Jojo is definitely very professional as she knows what to do and all the works have been done very efficiently. Every time I paid a visit to my new place, there is like a to-do list and Jojo will ask me to pick tiles, colour scheme and other things so it was such an organized and hassle-free experience for me. At times, she can be quite firm and insist on carrying out some ideas and true enough, the outcome turned out to be so nice! She also did a display cabinet for my handbags which I really like because it is similar to how a nice store usually displays their products. There was a slight delay in the schedule but there was no other way about it since it was during the Chinese New Year period. The renovation with them can cost a bit of money but their service was excellent, all up to their after-sales service.


Project : Sengkang

I-Bridge was a one-stop solution for my renovation needs based on how they made the entire renovation a smooth-sailing journey. I first went to a home expo to look for an interior designer and I spoke to quite a number of companies, with one of them being I-Bridge. They were one of the companies which made the effort to come down to my place for a site visit and they also followed up with me very closely after that. The main reason why I selected them out of all the companies was because I liked how they presented themselves and how they interacted with me during the discussion. Jo, my interior designer, is very experienced and she could understand my requirements. She is not the type who will service customers just for the sake of selling something to them. Jo is incredibly easy to talk with and we had established a friendship during the renovation rather than just a working relationship between us. There wasn’t any major issues except for a short period where it was pretty quiet so I had to take an initiative to find out more about the renovation progress but other than that, Jo was always prompt to respond with just a quick call.


Project: Sengkang

When I went down to one of my friend’s house, I was impressed with the interior design so I got the contacts of I-Bridge from him. My place was an EC so by right, there wasn’t much work to be done and yet, Jojo was able to give me a unique spin to the things that I could do for my home. I-Bridge helped us build a feature wall that extends from the entrance to the balcony so it is like the highlight of our home because it is striking and it is the first thing that people take notice of. Even up until now, I am still in awe when I look at it and the money spent on our renovation is definitely a good investment. Even though it has been a year since our renovation was completed, we still keep in touch with Jojo and she will always be prompt to send her contractors to fix things when we needed touch ups. Initially, Jojo told us that the renovation would take about 6-8 weeks to complete but since we wanted to move in before the 7th month, she managed to complete everything within 6 weeks, with everything done nicely! Due to our great experience with I-Bridge, I have also passed their contacts to a few of our friends and colleagues who are looking to renovate their place as well.