Living big in a small kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where sustenance and meals are prepared for loved ones and friends. And having a small kitchen is no barrier to achieving this dream, with tips from the experts at I-Bridge Design.

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Kitchens today are, more often than not, small spaces. But that doesn’t mean that you need to limit your kitchen activities. The good news is that maximizing space isn’t just about having bigger room; it’s about knowing how to make the best use of the available space and ensuring it meets your needs.

And with a little professional advice, you can transform your small kitchen into a warm, inviting and comfortable space to pursue your culinary passion or simply for your day-to-day functional needs.

The interior design specialists at I-bridge Design, with their extensive experience in enhancing commercial, landed and condominium projects are well-skilled in transforming both large and small spaces into living areas that combine a client’s individual personality with ease and practicality. And kitchens are no exception.

For starters, here are some tips from the I-Bridge Design team that can help you get started on visualizing the kitchen of your dreams:

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Choose bright walls and floor tiles

White walls and tiles reflect light, evoking a wider space, even in a small room. Bright walls and tiles that is complemented by pastel-coloured ceilings and pastel-themed fixtures help open up the appearance of a kitchen and serve as a backdrop for more contrasting textures and features that you may want to add on later.

Use bright, glossy materials and carpentry

Dark colours absorb light, so give your surfaces, curtains, shelves or cabinets a light colour that matches that of the walls, if possible. This “seamless” colour uniformity creates the illusion of more space. Reflective surfaces like ceramic tiles or stainless steel not only enhance ambient light but also lend a clean and classy look to your kitchen.

Choose laminate wood grain walls

Besides adding a hint of rustic luxury to your kitchen, laminate wood grain walls can maximize existing space. For instance, vertical laminate wood grain patterns help “stretch” the room’s appearance and make the ceiling look higher, while horizontal panels tend to visually elongate the kitchen, especially when installed along kitchen cabinets or counters.

Bring down a wall

Create an open kitchen by removing the connecting wall to the next room. Alternatively, a glass panel in place of a wall can achieve the same effect. This option works well, especially if you feel that your kitchen space is too cramped for comfort.

Create more storage

Fabricate more kitchen cabinets to use any extra space available. Use minimalistic cupboards that are large enough to store cooking equipment so that your kitchen countertops are clutter-free throughout most of the day.

Use mirrors & reflective surfaces

Incorporating mirrors creatively in your kitchen visually opens up cramped spaces and reflects more light. Mirrored cabinet doors and reflective countertops are effective in creating a space that appears larger.With these points in mind, remember that your kitchen should reflect your passions, and be the place where wonderful food and bonding memories are created. A well-designed kitchen that optimizes the space, suits your habits and pleases the eye becomes a kitchen that you and your loved ones love to be in; a place that does wonders for your everyday routine and energizes your daily kitchen experiences.